DC 6

PhD Position (m/f/d) Computational Design and Performance Simulation of Bioabsorbable Metallic EMD

Project Description

The PhD-project will develop a computational optimization framework to identify the optimum parameters for candidate stent designs (e.g., number, size, and shape of struts, surface treatments) to tailor the temporally evolving load-bearing capacities of devices. Numerical tools will be used to predict short-term performance and this will be coupled with a physicallybased phase-field framework to account for surface corrosion.

The objectives of this project are:

1. Develop an in silico finite element framework to enable virtual bench testing of stent structures through prediction of functional properties, such as crimp, deployment, recoil, foreshortening, radial strength and bending.

2. Implement a surface-based corrosion model through phase-field modelling to enable prediction of spatial and temporal progression of corrosion of stent structures that will enable quantification of how mechanical properties evolve over time (e.g. virtual corrosion testing).

3. Validate the developed framework against the experimental results provided by DC5.

Recruiting partner

IMDEA Materials, Madrid, Spain

PhD enrollment

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Secondment host

Meotec GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Lead Supervisors

Prof. Javier Llorca (IMDEA)
XX  (Meotec)

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