DC 3

PhD Position (m/f/d) Development of Adopted Manufacturing Methods for Bioabsorbable Metallic EMD

Project Description

This PhD-project will develop the manufacturing routes for medical device concepts, with wire-braiding and high-precision laser-cutting processing used to create micron-scale test specimens (for characterisation) and medical device prototypes.

The objectives of this project are:

1. Process development for production of EMD device structures using both laser-cutting and wire braiding technologies.

2. Production of dog-bone specimens, stent sub-units and early stent prototypes

3. Optimisation of all manufacturing process routes for final prototyping of EMD device concepts.

Recruiting partner

Meotec GmbH, Aachen, Germany

PhD enrollment

RWTH, Aachen, Germany

Secondment host

RWTH, Aachen, Germany

Lead Supervisors

Mr Robin Day (RWTH)
Mr. Max Muther (Meotec)

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